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Audio Experts for
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Welcome to ShiverLand Productions, where our team of experienced sound engineers is ready to provide top-notch audio solutions for any project, from music production and sound design to mixing and mastering, using state-of-the-art equipment and a touch of informal expertise.



High-quality audio solutions for all types of projects

Experienced sound engineers with expertise in music production, mixing, and mastering

State-of-the-art equipment for top-notch audio results

Customized audio solutions to meet the unique needs of each project

Reliable and prompt service to ensure timely delivery of audio solutions.


Your Ideas,
Our Network

Digital Media Experts with

Professional Experience.

We are thrilled to have this opportunity to share with you the essence of our vision, services, and what sets us apart.

ShiverLand is a digital place where every partener is chasing the thrill.

We saw a gap in the market, where clients were left searching for multiple individual specialists to bring their vision to life. That's when we decided to build a platform where all audiovisual sectors come together, offering a seamless and comprehensive experience.

We invite you to join us on this journey of artful exploration. Let us collaborate, innovate, and create together.

What Is The Process?

Be aware that we communicate through email, so the first time you receive an answer from us, our message might end up in your spam folder.

Custom Services


our knowledge at your service

Crafting music that precisely mirrors your vision is our forte
Image de NEOM
We create ambiances and sounds for every moment
Image de Jonas Zürcher
Proper edition, good mix and the right master are important steps to get a good feeling about how everything works together


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Here is a good exemple: 


"Hi, for a 1-minute 30-second commercial spot, we require a female voice-over with a soothing and composed tone. Additionally, we're in need of sound effects (SFX) and orchestral/hybrid music, complete with rights for both TV (worldwide) and the internet. If possible, please provide a separate offer that includes orchestral recording services. Here is a reference:"

Thanks, we'll contact you ASAP

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